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Choosing the right career has become a crucial step towards a successful and fulfilling life. This is true, especially in this competitive world where everyone is running to be at the top. Unfortunately, millions of students decide their future solely based on academic scores, and parental or peer pressure instead of using a structured and scientific counselling process. Only a select few have clear goals in their minds while most are confused about which career they eventually wish to pursue. 

For students from the IGCSE, ICSE and CBSE Boards, subject selection as early as in Grade IX is crucial to pursue the careers of their respective choices. Similarly, students of Grades XI and XII have to take important decisions with respect to higher studies. 

Ever Aspire in consultation with Nurturing Minds help students in choosing careers that they were made for and do what they love to do in life through structured career counselling. This enables students to take timely and planned career decisions. We provide students choices to be alive and passionate about what they do in the future – like helping “Caterpillars discover the Butterflies within". 

We have been in the field of Career Counselling for the last over 10 years & have helped hundreds of students, professionals & housewives choose career paths. 

The most important and integral part of this whole process of making career choices is the knowledge of one’s abilities, interests and aptitudes. Here, Aptitude Testing comes to the aid of the students and stands them in good stead. Aptitude Testing & Career guidance together help in selecting a career based on one’s abilities, interests & aptitude coupled with the correct and factual information about various careers one can pursue based on the same.

The career counselling would be conducted by Mrs Bharti Trivedi, a highly certified and experienced career planning coach!

About Bharti Trivedi

Bharati K Trivedi, founder of Nurturing Minds and a partner of Ever Aspire Consulting is a consultant child and adult psychologist, career counsellor, practising graphologist, signature and logo analyst, personal counsellor and a Sexuality-educator for children, pre-teens and teens. 

Bharati set up Nurturing Minds in 2012 with the goal to enhance, develop, educate and enlighten professionals, individuals, housewives, young adults and children by reaching out at various levels. She is also an Indian and International Career Counselor and has helped many students, professionals & housewives choose the right career paths. 

She holds a rich educational background along with various certifications like -, Certified Global Career Counselor by the University of California, Los Angeles (Extension and a Green Belt Certified Counselor by Univariety). She has done certificate courses in career counselling from Jnana Prabodhini, Pune & Pearson Academy.

Along with a strong academic foundation, Bharati has 25 years of experience in dealing with people from various walks of life, helping them cope with challenging situations. She has been a practising Graphologist and Career Counselor for more than two decades and believes that sharing knowledge with the students and the youth can help them move towards a successful future.

Bharat’s keen observation of verbal and non-verbal cues, effortless communication, and non-judgemental approach makes her the perfect person to share all their deepest concerns with ease.  

What makes her consultation unique is her ability to blend her handwriting analysis and results from career assessments to give her clients the best advice and the right direction. 

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