July 8

Canada makes announcements to make the Canada start up Visa more attractive


On the Canada start up visa program, the major news from this announcement was that the government would finally be going ahead with the suggestion to prioritize start-ups that are capitalized, which rewards investors for their capital contribution. What it means that priority would be given if you have financial backing from a Canadian Angel Fund or Venture Capital Fund.

Co Founders are now likely to get open work permits instead of closed work permits. What that means is that you can work elsewhere with other companies while your start up work is going on, for your financial sustenance needs.

Also now you can get a 3 year work permit and not just 1 year, which means you have enough time to make your start up a success and reach PR stage faster and also remove the need to apply for work permit extensions again and again and investing more money for work permit extensions.

You now no longer be need to be marked as an essential function holder to be eligible for work permits.

Plus the number of spots for start up visa has also been scaled up now to 3500.

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