July 8

Denmark announces 3 years of post study work rights


To attract and retain more international talent, the Danish parliament has approved a number of changes to the country's immigration system, including the introduction of prolonged post-study employment rights for non-EU international students.

Amendments to the Danish Aliens Act were passed last week "in the areas of work and study with the goal of strengthening international recruitment," the government said in a statement on the Immigration Service's 'New to Denmark' website.

Non-EU students who complete a bachelor's, master's, or PhD course in Denmark will automatically be awarded three years of post-study employment privileges following graduation beginning April 1st, according to the Immigration Service.

Under the new guidelines, international students will be entitled to work for three years following graduation. Earlier overseas students in Denmark were formerly allowed a six-month period following graduation to look for work.

The increase of post-study employment rights is part of a recently revealed educational reform strategy, which includes expanding English-taught degrees in areas of strong demand for expert labour and shortening master's curricula.


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