Student Assistance Services

We provide comprehensive services for study abroad to aspiring students covering Course & College selection, college application processing, visa documentation & visa interview preparation, preparation of essays, SOPs & LORs as well as assistance with travel planning, overseas insurance, education loans, student accommodation and pre-departure guidance.

Career Counselling

Our career counsellor helps students analyse their interest and also their strength and weaknesses through student’s aptitude, interest and personality. We also make sure that maximum, creditable and acceptable courses based on interest and stream of academics. In case of change of field, relevant path is suggested if required. Our counsellors also make sure that they provide the student and their family with up-to-date information regarding skill shortage of the countries and financial limitations so that they can take better decision. The team also will assist from application process to visa process and beyond.

Country and University Choices

Our consultancy helps individuals in over 20+ countries like USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Dubai, France, Ireland, Singapore and other European countries. Also, directly/ indirectly represent 500+ Universities and colleges in 20+ countries. In terms of immigration and investment in other countries, we provide with best, legit and authorized service. We take care that the right country choice is made in terms of education, investment and immigration.

Course Selection

There are over 15000+ programs in total that are offered by the college and Universities that we are representing. Assistance is given to the students to select their courses not only keeping the profile in mind but also considering future demands for his chosen field, Job Prospects, Demanding skills in the chosen country, Industry future in that field in the country the individual is inclined to go to including his home country and other countries.

Application Process

We help the students start from the application process which differs from university to university. We also help students submit error free application before the deadline with required documentation.

IELTS Exam registration

We are an IELTS Registration Center for the British Council. Register for the IELTS Academic or General module through us without any extra fees. Just transfer the exam fees and certain other details to us. To register for IELTS exam, click this link here

Coaching for Study Abroad Entrance Exams

Get quality class based coaching for the study abroad entry / eligibility requirements for IELTS (General / Academic), SAT, GRE and German language exams with expert trainers and quality course materials.

Student Visa

We not only help the student get admissions but also help in Student Visa Process. Our team is well updated with the latest developments, new immigration policy changes, visa filing procedures, visa fee, new visa application forms, visa requirements. Practise for Visa interview is also taken care of.

Educational Loan

Assistance for educational loan is given. We also have tie-up with some banks that provide education loan to students.

Scholarships to study abroad

Merit Scholarships, International Scholarships, Department Scholarships, Bursaries, Financial Aid and fee waivers are awarded to international students on the basis of their academic merit, representing country, English Proficiency test scores and the need of it. Candidate with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams & extracurricular achievements would be eligible for Merit scholarship awards & financial assistance. Besides universities, there are different bodies namely British Council, Commonwealth, Government of India, Private Trusts, etc. that offer scholarships to the Study Abroad Students on various parameters like their academic achievements, contributions to their field, Socio-Economic backgrounds, IELTS Scores, etc.

Assistance for Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Reference (LOR)

SOP (Statement of Purpose) is an important document asked by Universities abroad during the time of admission along with other documents. Proper guidance is provided for the same.

LOR (Letter of Recommendation) another important document that plays a vital role in admission decisions. Letter of recommendations format differ from University to University. As a University representative we suggest right formats to the students. Two to three LORs are required in the complete process.

4 lakh+
4 lakh+

Student Study Abroad Services


Career Counselling


Country & College selection


Course Selection


IELTS Exam Registration


Online Coaching


University / College Applications & Admissions


Assistance in preparation of SOPs / LORs


Visa Documentation & Guidance


Preparation for Visa interview


Education Loans & Scholarships


Student Accommodation


Pre-Departure Guidance


Free Counselling Session

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