Overseas Insurance Solutions

  • International Student Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance that Acts like a Guardian.
  • Leverage our additional safety services to ensure your well-being.
  • Real-time Safety Notification
  • Doctor-on-Demand
  • Safety Sharing

Affordable Student Travel Insurance with Additional Benefits

Real-time Safety Notification

Be prepared for the unexpected. Make sure you are aware of the happenings around you so you can make safe and informed decisions. We will instantly notify you about anything that could disrupt your travels whether it’s a flight delay, gate change, violence, transit strike, or any other type of threat


Doctor on Demand

Feeling unwell? Have a doctor connect to you

No need to panic or wait in the emergency room. Sitata can connect you to doctors who specialize in travel medicine. Have a quick video call or chat with a medical professional. You can also schedule clinic visits or have a doctor come to you.

Safety Sharing

Stay confident about your safety by staying updated on their whereabouts.

Know when you land at your destination, when your flight is delayed or canceled, or even when you reach your accommodation.

Sitata can automatically keep your friends, colleagues, and loved ones aware of your safety as you travel.