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Every one of us aspires to be achieve something big, have a successful career and a rewarding life. Each one of us are born with our own natural differentiators, and have our own unique strengths, dreams and aspirations about our lives and careers.

As Foreign Education Consultants, Ever Aspire Consulting gives wings to careers with single window solutions by providing professional guidance in every area of Overseas Education & Student visas, Permanent Residency and Immigration in foreign countries, a wide variety of Investor visa programs as well as career planning programs for school and college students as well as mid – career professionals.

Up to date knowledge on the ever-changing laws and regulations, trust, speed of response, excellent service and honest and transparent advice are the credo’s we always live by.

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Study Abroad and Student Visas

As a Study Abroad Consultant in Mumbai, Ever Aspire Consulting provides customised overseas education solutions with comprehensive services, across 30 countries worldwide. We believe in providing the right, honest and transparent advice to each and every student depending upon their need, background, academic and financial profile. We offer courses at undergraduate, Graduate, PG, Masters and PhD Levels and at budgets with tuition fees starting from Rs 4 lakhs p.a. onwards. We also offer world class globally recognised medical education in Phillipines and Georgia.

Skill based Immigration

Ever Aspire Consulting offers options of Family Immigration (PR) for Australia, Canada and New Zealand through the Skill based route as well as Investment based route in many other countries.

Permanent Residency & Citizenship by Investments

Ever Aspire Consulting provides advice for migration on the basis of Investments. One can Invest 1,50,000 $ (Rs. 80 Lakh) and more in Business / Property / Govt. Bonds to get Family PR for USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / UK / Malta / Greece / Portugal / Spain / Ireland / Cyprus / Saint Kitts & Nevis / Antigua & Barbuda / Dominic Republic / Grenada etc.

Start up Visas

We also help students who have processed applications on their own or elsewhere with the student visa paperwork and planning. Ever Aspire has a high visa success ratio of more than 90% for student visas.

Student Assistant Services

As a Study Abroad Consultant in Mumbai, we provides customised overseas education solutionsWe provide comprehensive services for study abroad to aspiring students covering Course & College selection, college application processing, visa documentation & visa interview preparation, preparation of essays, SOPs & LORs as well as assistance with travel planning, digital and paperless overseas fee remittance, IELTS exam registration, virtual internships, overseas insurance, education loans, student accommodation, opening of bank accounts abroad and pre-departure guidance. So whether you are processing your applications through us or somewhere else, you can still avail any of these services through Ever Aspire.

Online Academy for Study Abroad and Immigration Exams

Ever Aspire as an abroad education consultant offers online academy that provides best in class online coaching for the all important exams that you may need to clear for study abroad or immigration - IELTS Academic & General, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, SAT, GRE, GMAT as well as basic and A1 level French language Our online classes offer many benefits - Highly experienced tutors, very reasonable fees, convenient batch timings, built in section and mock tests as well as good course materials. 

Career Planning Services

As study abroad consultants, we offer Career planning and guidance for school and college students as well as mid-career professionals with several program options.

Visitor Visa Services

We also help with Visitor visa services which includes paperwork and planning. To know more please click button below.


Ever Aspire Consulting! - Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai

Comprehensive career solutions under one roof with the widest choice of offerings

Strong reputation and track record - Among the top rated firms online by our clients, handled 1000s of clients

High Experience and Expertise - Updated knowledge of the latest trends and regulatory changes

Value for Money – Transparent practices, with affordable consulting fees

Strong Process Management & Documentation handling

Customized solutions and personalized service for each client

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Widest choice of Courses for Study Abroad


Architecture, Construction Project Mgmt, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Heritage conservation, Underwater, Archealogy


Technology, Management, Commercial Pilot CPL, Avonics, Aerospace


Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and TC, Civil, Software, Piping & Instrumentation

Fashion Design

Design, Merchandising, Technology, Buying and Management, Textiles, Luxury Brand Management, Sustainable fashion, Industry, Mananagement


Finance, Banking & Finance, Finance and Investments, Investment Banking, Markets, Accounting, Professional Accountancy, Taxation, Financial Planning, Financial services

Creative Arts & Design

Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Animation and VFX, Music, Singing, Writing, Films

Hotel Management

Hotel, Hospitality, Culinary, Baking & Pastry Arts, Tourism, Resorts and restaurant management


Law, Cyber Law, Industrial Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, International law


Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Astro Physics, Biotechnology, Biomedical, Molecular sciences, Astronomy, Microbiology

Computer Science and IT

Computer Science, IT, Robotics, HCI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, Cyber Security

Health and Medicine

Medicine, Nutrition, Dietetics, Nursing, Public Health, Hospital Administration, Physiotherapy / Kinesiology, Psychology, Pharmacology, Biomedical, Occupational Therapy


English studies, Languages, Philosophy, Literature, Archeology, History, Museum studies, Cultural studies

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Top Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai

As a top abroad education consultants in Mumbai, we provide study abroad options for over several countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Malaysia, Dubai, France, Ireland, Singapore, Philippines, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic and many others European countries.

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Manas Patil

I’m immensely grateful to Ever Aspire Consultancy for their exceptional support throughout my UK university application journey. Their guidance in selecting universities, navigating applications, and ongoing assistance ensured my success. Highly recommended for higher education pursuits. Thank you, Ever Aspire Consultancy, for making my dreams a reality!

Urjasvi Gandhi

They’ve guided me so well, and helped me come abroad for my studies. They’re very supportive, helpful and were always a call or message away. When planning your studies abroad, you’d definitely need someone like them.

Hiral Monpara

Amazing service and wonderful staff they are always there to guide, they will help students right from selecting a good course, university, to visa filing and their further journey. Thankyou ever aspire for your guidance and support.

Loknath Rathi

An extremely helpful consulting agency that helps you from start to end for your process to go abroad, any any problem arises, they are just a call away. Surely the agency to go for to achieve your dream for abroad.


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    1) What are the benefits of studying abroad in another country?

    The rising popularity of study abroad programmes can be attributed to a number of factors. The allure of studying abroad is likely to stem from a number of factors, including the opportunity to acquire a worldly perspective and a more marketable set of skills once graduation, as well as the possibility of obtaining a second language and thereby increasing one's career options.

    Studying abroad can seem like a scary leap into the unknown for some, but it can also be a rewarding opportunity to grow personally and professionally and to get a deeper understanding of the world. Making new friends from all over the world for lifetime is another huge benefit of studying abroad.

    If you want to strike a good work/play balance during your time abroad, choose a study destination based on your own interests as well as the country's academic reputation with the help of study abroad consultants in Mumbai. Ever Aspire Consulting is your best destination to help you plan out the same very well.

    To know more, watch our video here: https://youtu.be/74XdW5OqA7I

    2) What countries offer the best educational opportunities?

    Selecting a study abroad location can be challenging for many students. Consider not only what you want out of your educational experience, but also things like how much it will cost you to study and live there, how strong the local job market is, and whether or not you feel safe there.

    Consider what kind of lifestyle you want to enjoy while you are in school. Where would you rather call home: a bustling metropolis or a quiet college town? Which do you prefer: world-class sports arenas or world-class art galleries? Studying abroad may be a life-changing experience, but it's important to make sure you pick a location that's a good fit for your interests.

    To get the best advice on this, contact us at Ever Aspire consulting - Best Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai.

    3) When should I begin my study abroad planning?

    If you haven't already done so, once you've decided where you want to go to school, you should start thinking about picking a major and a school. any University Rankings are a good resource for learning about top schools, while topic rankings can help you find the top schools in your field of study, and national rankings can help you find the finest schools in your country of choice.

    Then, you should investigate the local region and way of life, admission requirements, and expenses associated with each school on your list.

    Your application will need to be planned out once you have chosen a programme and school (s). While the specifics of the application procedure may vary by school and even by nation, in most cases you can get all the information you need to submit an application online.

    In most situations, you won't be allowed to apply for a student visa until you've received an acceptance letter from the school you plan to attend. It's important to give each step as much time as possible, which may be months.

    When you plan your study abroad journey with Ever Aspire - Top Overseas Education Consultants in Mumbai, you will get professional guidance on the various milestones and steps involved.

    4) How long do study abroad programs last?

    How long you spend studying abroad is determined by the type of programme you're participating in and your intended degree level. Full-time students should expect to spend three to four years earning a bachelor's degree (the standard in the United Kingdom is three years, whereas in the United States it is four years) and one to two years earning a master's degree or equivalent. In most cases, a Ph.D. programme will require three to four years of full-time study.

    Short-term study abroad programmes are available at a growing number of colleges across the world. You can participate in a student exchange programme and spend a year, semester, or even just a few weeks studying in another country. Check out the details on these condensed courses by visiting the websites of both your primary institution and the university you'd like as your host.

    5) When may I begin to submit an application for study abroad programmes?

    The optimal strategy is to submit your application as soon as possible. Therefore, the sooner you are accepted to a university, the sooner you can plan your travels. To avoid disappointment, maintain calendar reminders for the application deadlines mentioned by your preferred universities.

    The application period for programmes beginning in the fall (September/October) is typically from January/February through June/July.

    To know or apply to universities abroad, contact us at Ever Aspire now. 

    6) What are the prerequisites or entry requirements for international study programmes?

    Be important to check the information supplied by your chosen university prior to completing an application, as entry criteria vary greatly between colleges and countries as well as course to course.

    In general, if you are applying for an undergraduate degree, you will be needed to demonstrate that you have finished your secondary school with the requisite grades (e.g., your GPA, A-level grades, or equivalent) for the programme to which you are enrolling. Contact us at Ever Aspire if you have an overseas credential and are uncertain as to whether or not it will be accepted in the university abroad or not.

    It is also quite likely that non-native English speakers who wish to study in English-speaking nations will be required to take an English-language exam such as the TOEFL, PTE or IELTS to demonstrate their English-language competency. Students of other languages may also be obliged to take comparable exams. Post Grad and masters degree courses may need giving exams like the GRE, GMAT etc. 

    Once you decide to work with Ever Aspire for your study abroad plans, you need not worry about all this – You will receive a detailed checklist and instructions to take things ahead.

    7) What paperwork must accompany my application?

    As part of your application, you may be required to supply supplementary materials. Again, criteria vary by country and institution, however overseas students are frequently required to furnish the following:

    • Photographs for identity purposes

    • A statement of intent 

    • CV/résumé 

    • Academic references/ letters of recommendation

    • Certificate and transcripts of secondary school completion

    • Evidence of English-language competency (such as a TOEFL/IELTS certificate for institutions in English-speaking nations) or another language exam. 

    • Admissions test results (such as GMAT/GRE scores for graduate programmes or SAT/ACT for undergrad programs)

    8) Does studying abroad need a second language?

    This depends on your chosen country and course language. If you're not a native English speaker but want to take an English-taught course, you'll need English-language exam results. To guarantee you understand your course.

    Several nations teach in English, especially for graduate and business degrees. 

    TOEFL and IELTS examinations demonstrate English competence. If you need to verify your competence in a language other than English, there are analogous examinations in other languages, such as the DELF/DALF and TCF-DAP (French) or the DSF and TestDaF. (German).

    9) Is an admissions interview required?

    International students are rarely required to attend admissions interviews in person, especially for the more competitive programmes. However universities in the UK are often known to conduct credibility interviews with students. 

    You may be required to attend an overseas university interview. Video interviews are also popular. Skype or Zoom can be used for this interview.

    As far as visas are concerned, some countries like the USA do have a face to face visa interview which the student may be required to attend as pat of the student visa application process.

    10) After gaining a letter of acceptance, what do I do next?

    Getting the letter of acceptance is the first big step forward in the journey. 

    Travel documentation should be your first priority after university acceptance. Ensure you have a valid passport and travel insurance, as well as a student visa if you need one. Make sure you have sufficient time to get your passport/visa approved so that you’ll be able to travel legally.

    For more information on what documentation you’ll need to travel we at Ever Aspire are always there to guide you. You can also visit the government website of your chosen country to find information for travelers, visitors and international students (e.g. Gov.uk for UK travel information). 

    Alternatively, you can ask your university for guidance. Often, admissions departments will help you to prepare for your travels, and, in some countries, they even apply for the student visa on your behalf. 

    By planning your study abroad journey with Ever Aspire, you will get step by step guidance to make sure everything runs smoothly right up to the last stage of the entire process.

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