Visitor Visa

Ever Aspire Visitor Visa Initial Documents Checklist

  • Passport copy front and back pages of each person
  • IT returns last 2 Years
  • Bank statement last 6 months
  • Sponsor documents or hotel itinerary if any
  • Balance approx. 4 to 5 lakh per person
  • If married marriage certificate,
  • If business then business registration proof
  • If having job, then job offer letter required

This is the initial set of documents. We may ask for more documents / details
from the client, based on the country’s visitor/tourist visa application needs

Our Consulting and handling charges

  • Rs 6500 + 18% GST pp, non-refundable. 100% payable in advance
  • The Visa fees, affidavit costs, biometric fees, Govt fees, courier charges,
    VFS charges etc if any that may be incurred are not included in our fees
    and would be extra to the clients account, as applicable to the country
    and individual’s case

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