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Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad!


Why study abroad when you can stay in the comfort and familiarity of your home town? This question can be the first in your (and your parent’s) mind when you think about leaving your home. But studying abroad can be a life-changing experience!

Here are some great reasons why this can be the next step in achieving your career dreams:

1) Options, options, options

You want to be the next big Masterchef, a well acknowledged data scientist or work towards women’s rights. There is no denying that India has taken great strides in the field of post-graduate education, but considering a course abroad will instantly open you up to so many more ways you can study something specific to your exact goals. The number of programs, degrees and diplomas available in many fields around the world is unparalleled, and it is often very difficult to find a college in India catering to precisely what you want. At last count, there are over 17,000 course options available worldwide!

2) Learning so many important life-skills

There is no doubt about it: going to a new country is going to make you independent and self-sufficient like staying home never can. The thought of living alone and managing your own housework and finances along with studying can seem daunting, but the personal growth you will achieve will be very satisfying. You truly learn some valuable life-skills in the process.

3) Experiencing new cultures and broadening your horizons

Living in a new country exposes you to how people live around the world and really makes you think. It is always exciting to explore a new country, its people, its food, and everything it has to offer. It can really transform your outlook on life and be a very enriching experience.

4) New opportunities for work experience and PR

Universities abroad almost always offer great internships, co-ops and hands-on experience in most fields. It opens you up to a host of opportunities and strengthens your theoretical knowledge. This kind of actual work exposure can really help you discover new paths in taking your career where you want it to be. What’s more many countries also offer post study opportunities to work full time through a Work Visa / Work Permit and permanent residency options also in few countries, of course subject to their respective immigration laws as applicable at that point of time.

5) Expanding your social circle

Sure, you have your best friends from school. But making new friends from around the world is bound to be a completely unique experience. You get to experience someone else’s culture first-hand with them and make some life-long memories and long-lasting friendships in the process.

6) Building a kick-ass resume

Taking a course abroad is going to be a fantastic bit of information to put on your resume and is sure to interest future employers. It will help your communication skills, make you more confident and can help improve your critical thinking, all great skills to take into that interview you landed for your dream job. Most programs across leading study abroad destinations are recognized world wide

7) Discovering your own potential

Living alone and taking care of yourself really tests you at times and makes you rely on your own smarts and instincts. It can really surprise you what exactly you are capable of, and taps into this hidden potential you never knew you had. Just figuring out the laws, systems and even currency of a new country all on your own really makes you self-reliant and more confident.

8) Relatively easier to get Quality Education Abroad!

Getting admissions into the most prestigious colleges and universities in India is often very difficult for a large majority of the students in India. Consider the fact that for every IIT seat that is available there are more than 50 claimants for the same. Similarly, for over 2.4 lakhs aspirants that appeared for the IIM CAT exams in 2018, there were some 12,000+ seats across all types of courses at the 20 IIMs in India. As Shri Shashi Tharoor once said, “Getting admission in Harvard is easier than getting in to one of the IIT’s!”
With the large number of country, course and university options available for study abroad you may have a better chance of getting into a reputed or quality institute there. And that too with options of scholarships, reasonable fees, course options with low or no English language test requirements etc.

9) Experiencing a different approach to learning and studying

Every country has their unique system when it comes to education. The classes and professors in your college abroad are sure to be totally different from what you are used to back home! This can be a great opportunity to really push yourself and make the most of the resources available to you.

10) Appreciating the little things

Being away from home is definitely going to make you appreciate all that you took for granted a little more! Having to manage your own finances and not having your family around to take care of you will really put things into perspective, and will make you appreciate brunches, shopping trips and even things like doing your dishes a little more for sure. After all, it’s always the little things right?
These are just some of the fantastic reasons to consider studying abroad. Of course, a lot of factors can affect this decision, so make sure to do your research, and prepare for a life-changing experience!
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