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10 Best Universities in the UK for a Master Degree in Cyber Security


University of Essex

This MSc degree in Cyber Security will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of cybersecurity, from technical approaches and managerial concerns to legal consequences and the psychological impact of breaches. The course will help you develop crucial teamwork and communication skills and enable you to deal with cyber threats in a measured and decisive manner.

It will also offer you an excellent educational foundation that will enable you to pursue various cybersecurity-related careers.

University of Liverpool

With this part-time, online Cyber Security MSc from the University of Liverpool, you’ll gain a comprehensive and critical understanding of cybersecurity theory and tactics, as well as how to apply them to real-world circumstances.

This advanced degree will enhance your abilities to conduct research, design, execute, and deploy innovative cybersecurity solutions. Students studying this course will be provided with all the tools they need to start a fulfilling career in this fast-growing industry, which is currently experiencing a substantial skills shortage.

The University of Law

This MSc degree in Cyber Security and Data Governance is a postgraduate degree that emphasises employability. The programme is at the crossroads of technology, business, and policymaking.

This course is a popular choice among the students living in Liverpool university student accommodation, thanks to the way that it is designed. It is curated for students who want to gain in-depth specialist knowledge and a critical awareness of the essential features of data management and cybersecurity and want to pursue, grow, or change careers in these fields.

The University of East London

Through a combination of theory, advanced practical skills, and experience, the curriculum focuses on developing abilities in information security and digital forensics. Its goal is to acquire solid knowledge and analytical skills to equip graduates for future work in the IT sector at a senior stage.

Queen’s University Belfast

This ground-breaking programme studies cutting-edge cybersecurity topics like cryptography, computer forensics, malware, networking, and software development, as well as the increasingly relevant legal and ethical challenges in cybersecurity.

A two-year MSc in Applied Cyber Security with a professional internship is provided. The first year consists of lecture courses as well as a research project—the second year consists of a 12-month internship in the sector in a cybersecurity-related position.

Swansea University

The MSc in Cyber Security addresses many modern technological challenges, including personal data security and privacy, cyberterrorism, cybercrime, and mobile security.

A holistic and multidisciplinary approach brings together modules on penetration testing, formal modelling, information security management, cryptography, and artificial intelligence in this discipline of Computer Science at Swansea.

The cybersecurity lab allows you to research dangers in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) and explore the security landscape, and conduct experiments in network security and mobile security.

Buckinghamshire New University

The MSc Cyber Security programme is designed to provide prospective cybersecurity professionals with technical and managerial skills and expertise in the industry, government, education, and organisations.

It’s also for IT business specialists and managers who want to learn more about cybersecurity solutions from a strategic, technical, consulting, or management standpoint.

This programme is professionally developed to provide a high-quality education that focuses on technical and management security areas and technologies, trends, and policies in the security industry.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Networked computers run our world. Everything is connected, from houses to hospitals, student housing in Manchester, airlines to banks, and all points between, but these systems are vulnerable to infiltration and attack. Studying this MSc in Cyber Security will provide you with the skills you need to join the defence.

You’ll get the skills and confidence to excel in various cyber-security professions, including security designer, ethical hacker, and digital forensics officer, by learning to design, implement, and manage computer-based systems security.

Cardiff University

This programme addresses the most pressing security concerns that global communications and information systems face. The training combines a commercial context with critical security, trust, and privacy challenges confronting the IT industry.

The students in accommodation in Cardiff cover topics including trust and identity, forensic investigation, security methodologies, network and cybersecurity, as well as an awareness of the e-Commerce and business environment. This combined business/security strategy provides useful training for connecting with organisations and better understanding their business processes.

University of Westminster

Computers have become fundamental to all aspects of our everyday lives. The demand for improved computer security has never been more robust as sectors varying from communications to banking have come to depend on them. This course covers three areas of cybersecurity: risk analysis and assessment, how to reduce risk, and how to extract and use digital data from a variety of systems and devices.

The course is designed to cover the same essential subject but then pick between Cyber Security and Digital Forensics as a specialisation.

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