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Top Reasons to Immigrate to Canada


Top Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is the new immigration destination for people all around the world. A living embodiment of immigration goals, this country has the most positive immigration policies globally. Canada also boasts a scenic view in most parts and a high standard of living, making it the best place to live for anyone looking for a newer and better home.

Canada continues to be one of the most popular destinations for immigrants worldwide
If you are thinking of making Canada your home, then you have come to the right place.Here are some of the top reasons why you should move to Canada:

1. Safety:

According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), Canada is one of the safest places to live. The country ranked 6th, scoring 1.331 in the 2019 cohort. Furthermore, the crime rates are low.

2. Open to immigrants until 2021:

Canada offers over 70 immigration options across the different provinces and territories. They have also increased the number of sponsorship programs that help you to get the rest of your family into the countryFurthermore, certain visas are designed for specific jobs that let the province select workers who have experience in a certain field to become a permanent resident. This offer lasts till 2021, as the gates are open for people all over the world, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria for the various Canadian immigration programs.

3. Government-funded education:

There are approximately 15,500 elementary and secondary schools around Canada. Therefore, no matter where you decide to live in Canada or reside currently, children from ages 5 – 19 have complete access to free public education depending on the province or territory.

4. Low unemployment rate:

Fun fact: Canada’s unemployment rate hit an all-time low that hasn’t been witnessed since 1970s.The country has a steadily growing elderly population, many of the residents are reaching retirement age and leaving the workforce, creating jobs and thus increasing your chances to get a job in Canada. Furthermore, it has also advanced in several domains, creating entrepreneurs across the spectrum and adding new jobs.

5. The economy is booming:

Together with France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the US, Canada forms part of the strongest economies of the world. Thanks to its growing industries in technology, aerospace development, agriculture, and industrial production, it has established its stance as one of the powerful G7 countries.

6. Free public healthcare:

You can apply for medical aid once you have your health insurance card which proves that you are a member of the community and then gain access to all the benefits as a resident. And with that you don’t have to pay for most healthcare services.

7. Home to some of the top universities in the world:

Whether it is University of Toronto, University of British Columbia or McGill Canada is home to some of the top ranked universities in the world. There are over 95 different universities across Canada, each with their own syllabus, campus life, and opportunities. Not to mention, when you finish studying at a Canadian university you can apply for a post-graduation work permit which can help you in getting permanent residency.

8. Easy Citizenship:

The C6 bill introduced in 2017 has made applying for citizenship easier for immigrants. To qualify, applicants only have to live in the country for a three- to five-year period, instead of four years. Additionally, the country lowered their age needed to apply for citizenship where dependents aged 18 can apply for citizenship without a guardian’s permission.

9. Successful familial migration:

Canada has the ever-popular parent and grandparent sponsorship program which has a good quota for applicants. There is also a spousal, partner, and child sponsorship program where Canada plans to invite many new applicants through the program.

10. Multicultural society:

Canada is a country created by immigrants and 23% of their populations are immigrants. Canada is a country characterized by immense diversity unlike most countries in the world.The city of Toronto is a truly metropolitan melting pot of different cultures and ethnicity living in harmony. Over 100 languages can be heard on the streets of Toronto and cuisines from all around the world can be found at every corner.

11. Business opportunities for investors and business-owners:

There are excellent programs for entrepreneurs and new business-owners. It is casting its net wide to help attract more skilled and experienced businessmen and womenwho are hoping to strike out in a new industry and succeed in Canada. The country has also lowered the net worth of applicants to $300,000 instead of $600,000, and only $150,000 starting level in business investments.

12. 300+ occupational demands:

There are many occupational services demands like HR Manager, Purchasing Manager, Banking and Credit, restaurant and food, Financial and Investment Analysts, Financial Auditors, Accountants and more etc.

13. Travel to 150+ countries visa-free:

With a Canadian visa, you can travel to 172 countries without a visa. After becoming a permanent resident and having lived in Canada for 3 out of 5 years,you can apply for citizenship by providing all the documents and passing the citizenship test.

14. Government welfare benefits:

As a Canadian citizen, you will be entitled to additional government benefits like:

  • Unemployment insurance:
    Canadian resident is entitled to 60% of the last wages drawn in case of lay off from the job if he/she has worked for nearly six months in Canada.
  • Social welfare allowance:
    Canadian residents are entitled to social welfare allowance from the government if he/she is unable to support himself/herself and cannot get any job.
  • Pension plan:
    A Canadian resident is entitled under the Canadian pension. It depends on the age at which he/she chooses to opt for the plan.The optimal age is 65.
  • Old-age pension:
    The pension amount in this plan will depend on the number of years lived in Canada. The maximum amount is given to the person if they have lived in Canada for 40 years after the age of 18. For each year less than that, it is reduced by 1/40 of the full entitled amount.
  • Childcare benefit:
    The federal and provisional government provides a certain amount every month for the upbringing of each child. The amount depends upon the income earned by the parents in the last year.

With an array of benefits available even for the common man, migrating to Canada is a great decision to start life a new. If you require assistance in making your dream a reality in Canada, experienced consultants at Ever Aspire will help you through every step. You can contact us at +918657454590 or visit www.everaspire.in. To register your interest to be contacted further please visit https://everaspire.in/immigration/ Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash


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